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General Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you hire online accounting services?

 If you’re crunched for time and your staff is stretched thin, you should hire online accounting services for small businesses. Trust our team to cover all aspects of finance and accounting completed on time and accurately.

How much does this cost to hire an outsourced accounting service?

Accountant fees depends on the nature of the work and the accountant’s experience level, but most accountants charge between $15 and $30 per hour. When you utilize our online accounting services, you can tailor monthly payment based on your requirements. Better Ledger works with you to create the best plan for your business

What Kinds of Payment Do You Accept?

We Accept Zelle Payment, ACH & Credit Card.

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Work with us to worry less about your finances and focus on your operations that are more profitable and grow your business.


You can contact us on given below details.

Email Address

Phone Number

+1(213) 985-216

Why choose Better-Ledger

By using Better-Ledger as your full-service audit outsourcing provider, we will gather the following benefits: –

Budget-friendly –Very competitive rates, allowing for more flexibility costs and budgets.

Regular Communication – Dedicated Team of Experts will be at your service offering regular and continuous communication with your team.

Timely Service – With a team of professionally qualified and experienced personnel, we will ensure to offer clients quality and timely services.

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